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Shape of Emotion is a model, process and tool of how we structure, store, represent and regulate our inner feeling states. It is a way to gently and easily release stuck emotions that can lead to depression, anxiety, increased stress and physical illness.

What is Shape of Emotion?

Working at the intersection of mindfulness and affective science, 5th Place developed Shape of Emotion as one way to address the scale of the mental health problem that stands in the way of learning, potential and hope. Working directly with the somatic feeling, Shape of Emotion allows for a return to a centred and resourceful state, with or without the intervention of another party.

Shape of Emotion is safe, gentle and can be used on its own or as a complementary process to any other therapeutic, coaching or care-giving offering. The key differentiator, and why it is a tool for the times, is that Shape of Emotion can be used in groups.

Features of Shape of Emotion

Shape of Emotion has a number of features. These include type of use, who can, and is, using it and with whom.

Negative difficult emotions

Shape of Emotion can be used to down-regulate negative difficult emotions. These negative difficult emotions include the most prevalent ones like:

Negative / Difficult emotionNegative / Difficult emotion
Disappointment Stress

Positive supportive emotions

Shape of Emotion can up-regulate positive supportive emotions. These emotions include:

Positive / Supportive emotionsPositive / Supportive emotions

Who can use Shape of Emotion?

Shape of Emotion can be used by almost anyone of any age. The youngest person we have on record is 6 and the oldest is 77.

Who can benefit?Who can benefit?

What about race, gender and language?

Shape of Emotion can be used by any gender, race and culture. Although the process is currently offered only in English, it’s been successfully used by many non-English speaking people. The aim is to have it translated into other languages in time.

Other features of Shape of Emotion

Shape of Emotion has a number of other features which broaden the possibility of wide scale use:

Content free

There is no need to speak about what is being felt or the reason why


It is underpinned by solid science and research

Teachable skill

Anyone can learn how to use it and it is easy enough for a first-timer to follow a guided session

Not faith based

It is not associated with any religion. It is inclusive of all people, and you don't have to believe in it, to make it work

Works in groups

Everyone working on their own individual feelings at a scale to match the size of the problem (the largest group to date has been 110)

Home / Shape of Emotion / What is Shape of Emotion

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