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5th Place is built on a foundation of five qualities that reference what a 5th Place is wherever it is. The first place that a 5th Place is built is in me.

The five qualities of a 5th Place are:

  1. Connectedness
  2. Community
  3. Possibility
  4. Wellbeing
  5. Equality


Connectedness is all about relationships. As a social species we need to engage and be with other beings. Life is all about relationships. Our capacity to develop successful relationships determines our success as people, in business, as parents, friends and co-workers.


Community asks us to remember that as human beings we are dependent on one another. This interdependency offers the potential for belonging. When we belong we take an active part in creating our present and our future. Belonging makes for an environment where conversations about safety, security and wellbeing can be had. These then lead to conversations about welcoming others, welcoming difference, being open hearted and extending an invitation to others to belong too.

Community cannot be built behind walls, electric fences, alarms and cameras on every corner, it cannot be built through isolation and fear. Community starts with me choosing to connect with myself and others.


Possibility is born out of the belief that the earth is naturally abundant and always has something to offer. We believe that even in the most dire of situations something can be done if only we are open to the possibilities. At 5th Place we talk about enabling the how by attending to our inner state to become the whole, abundant human beings we are born to be. It means that a better world for all can be achieved and the possibilities are endless when we attend to ourselves, when we care for our needs.


Feeling well and being well is the cornerstone of a 5th Place. Looking after our personal wellbeing is the start of any 5th Place journey. Self care means attending to your own needs first. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. By doing this we open up our capacity to attend to and connect better with others.


Given where our country, South Africa, has come from, equality underpins the 5th Place drive to make the world a better place. The work grew out of a desire to help children deal with their difficult feelings. It evolved into something beautiful for everyone to use with their feelings and emotions. South Africa is a traumatised nation where everyone should have equal opportunity to clear the hurts of the past in order to build a better future.

Equality is enshrined in the South African Constitution in the Bill of Rights.

For those who would like, please download the 5 Qualities of a 5th Place

Home / About 5th Place / The qualities of a 5th Place

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