5th Place offerings

At 5th Place we would like everyone to have an opportunity to slow down, think less, quieten their overactive minds, and get in touch with their feelings. Experiencing and learning how to clear difficult feelings and expand positive ones.

Living in a VUCA world

Perhaps you’ve heard the term VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) or even know what it means. Either way you’ll know that the modern-day challenges we all face are unprecedented. Pressures to perform in the workplace, at home, in the classroom; on the sports field; and relate well to co-workers, friends, family and loved ones can result in levels of anxiety and stress that impact the quality of our living. On top of this factors such as divorce, financial problems, societal inequalities and difficult work environments can add to already challenging situations.

Traditional interventions often focus on thinking and understanding emotions as a way to mitigate their effect.

Living in an ideal world

At 5th Place, we started out with a desire to create something that would support children and young people to arrive at a place of resourcefulness to learn, live and play. Our experience was that difficult feelings clouded and impeded the ability of children and young people to show up and engage in a way that enabled them to thrive and perform at their best.

We’ve created a model, process and tool of how we structure, store, represent and regulate our inner feeling states. This tool and process is called Shape of Emotion It is content-free, gentle, safe, easy to learn and use and quickly clears the effects of difficult feelings allowing for a return to a centred, resourceful state.

Application of Shape of Emotion

Shape of Emotion is being used by people of all ages, gender and race. It works one on one or with groups. As part of a formal support structure or alone, as and when needed. With Shape of Emotion, the volume of any difficult feeling (sadness, anxiety, etc) can be turned down, released and let go. It can also be used to amplify and turn up the volume on any positive feeling (joy, excitement and happiness). Shape of Emotion can be used on its own, as a primary intervention or included as a complementary tool with other modalities and approaches.

Focus and aim

It is our aim to have wellness practitioners, coaches, caregivers, teachers and parents trained in Shape of Emotion, to use in groups or one on one. In addition, it is our intention to train individuals who wish to become more emotionally fit, to use it on themselves as a personal development, self help offering.

5th Place offers

We have developed a range of offerings to suit everyone from the first timer, who needs a slow introduction to his or her feeling space; to the enthusiast who wants to immerse him or herself deeply and even teach the work.

  • Talks and presentations;
  • Emotional Fitness classes — An hour long internal massage;
  • Shape of Emotion Workshops — Focused on developing a connection to our feelings, clearing those that hold us back and enhancing those that support us to thrive;
  • Training Level I Foundation — A deeper personal exploration of  Shape of Emotion;
  • Training Level II Apprentice — How to run Emotional Fitness Classes using Shape of Emotion;
  • Training Level III Artisan — Working 1-on-1 with Shape of Emotion;
  • Training Level IV Master — Training others in Shape of Emotion;
  • Coaching — One on one, group or team incorporating Shape of Emotionto enable and empower;
  • Immersion Retreats  — Explore and experience your inner and outer worlds more deeply in idyllic surroundings using Shape of Emotion;
  • Supervision & Community of Practice (CoP) of 5th Place coaches, collegiates and facilitators.
  • Team building and EQ Workshop;

Talks & presentations

A range of talks and presentations are offered, from the 5 minute, powerful PechaKucha style offering to a 2 hour interactive talk and demonstration. Some of the talks presented to date:

  • Sex, violence and... emotions. Taking the taboo out of workplace feelings
  • Dealing with trauma and adversity in schools


Great leaders show up with their minds and their hearts. They are self aware, emotionally honest, have great attitudes, are open to give and receive feedback, listen more than they talk and manage conflict well. They inspire others by connecting on an emotional level in a way that transcends the intellectual and rational.

The trouble is the world is an increasingly uncertain and complex place. Leaders of all walks of life are expected to show up and make decisions in the face of these challenges, often without the relevant support and guidance. Even though emotional intelligence is one of the fastest growing job skills, according to a report by the World Economic Forum, the world of business has bought into the idea that feelings and emotions are of little use. Rational thought, cold objectivity and a deliberate focus on short term gain has framed the corporate context. This context does not prepare or provide leaders with the skills to connect with others

This coaching programme will invite participants to venture into that place of feeling and emotion and so become more self aware, more deeply connected with self and others. By interrogating values and beliefs and building resilience to face this complex, ever changing world the participant can grow into a leader that the world needs now.

Team building and EQ Workshop

In the words of Gary Vaynerchuk, serial entrepreneur and best selling author, you can’t walk up to a girl and expect to close on the first date. The same thing goes for business and building your team. It’s about building relationships not doing deals. This workshop offers an opportunity to build deeper trust and the safety to reveal the real person beneath the leader, executive, and team member layers. It also develops deeper self knowledge and personal awareness for each team member. It provides an opportunity for learning for a new team or a transformational space for a more experienced group.

The team is convened and held to three tasks: Shift the context within which the team gathers; name the debate through powerful questions and listen rather than advocate, defend or provide answers. Participants explore leadership, their roles in the team, business and life through the lenses of possibility, restoration and generosity. In a highly interactive process, participants are taken through a series of six conversations. The result is meaningful personal growth, an alternative view of leadership, and more engaged team members committed to specific actions that will deepen their future working space together.

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