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If you'd like to support our work so we can do more of it, especially our community based work and online Emotional Fitness Classes, you can do so here. A variety of funding support options are available.

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If you like us are inspired to make the world a better place and would like to get more involved and support us in other ways, please get in touch for additional support options.

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Cultivating emotional resilience in educators

Feb 25, 2020

Together with the Yivani Mbali Foundation and the It Starts With Me campaign, a mini workshop was held in Durban for Early Childhood Development (ECD) practitioners and educators.


Khulisa PWA EFC+

Oct 13, 2019

Khulisa Social Solutions and 5th Place working together to make the world a better place in support of People with Albinism.


Emotional Fitness Class & Presentation at the Early Years Service (EYS)

Aug 19, 2019

An Emotional Fitness Class at the Early Years Service (EYS) fund-raising celebration.


A dusty Burn and a Zoom idea

Jun 24, 2019

A test of resilience in the desert, an idea to teach the world about Shape of Emotion and helping those who help others.


Going quiet in Kliptown

Oct 22, 2018

The Week That Was goes to Kliptown and follows us as we introduce twelve young souls to the benefits of mindfulness and offer them some respite from difficult emotions.


Shaping emotional health at Sekwati Primary School

Oct 15, 2018

A Shape of Emotion care workshop, held for the staff and teachers of Sekwati Primary School, in Soweto, explored how emotions and feelings show up in our bodies and then showed how to release and let go of difficult emotions.


Home / About 5th Place / Support 5th Place

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