Why 5th Place

Our mission at 5th Place is to make the world a better place by enabling the how. Here’s a short overview of who we are and what we do. We’d love you to engage with us and share what you think.

Why 5th Place?

5th Place is about making the world a better place by challenging people to think less and feel more. Not to feel more anxiety, more stress, more unhappiness. Not to find another way to numb or hide from the feelings. Instead, to feel connected by learning to turn down the volume and regulate difficult emotions.

By being able to regulate our emotions and embrace our feelings we ultimately feel better and become fuller, more whole, human beings. As a result we engage and connect more meaningfully with other human beings, our community, society, nature and the environment.

Why 5th Place? Not 1st, 2nd...

Ray Oldenburg, author of "The Great Good Place" defines the first place as home, the second place as work and the third place as the place where community gathers for recreation, such as coffee shops, parks and sports facilities. The fourth place we have defined as social media spaces like chat rooms, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on. What then is the fifth place?

5th Place is the space of connectedness, community, possibility, well-being and equality of all people. 5th Place asks us to build a better world through the realm of feeling. It is anywhere and everywhere that asks us to feel more, heal, learn, grow, connect and engage.

How we effectively manage emotions

All of 5th Place's feeling and emotion work is underpinned and supported by Shape of Emotion. Shape of Emotion is a model, process and tool of how we structure, store, represent and regulate our inner feeling states. What this means is you can take any difficult feeling, whether it be in the past, present or the future, and turn down the volume of it. Equally so, you can take any positive feeling and turn the volume right up!

Who is 5th Place?

Chantal Dawtrey

Chantal loves to learn and loves to work with people who want to learn. She is inspired by those who are prepared to transcend the narrative that being in control means being successful. She works to create spaces where people feel safe to be vulnerable, and strong enough to engage meaningfully about what truly defines them and their lives. She supports learning journeys, co-creates and facilitates personal, group and team change and development work and gives structure to a growing body of work that brings meaning and purpose to her life and others.

Chantal is a credentialed coach and registered supervisor with COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) and a past chairperson of the Research and Supervision Portfolio Committees. She has an MPhil in Management Coaching (cum laude) through the University of Stellenbosch Business School.

Chantal is the co-founder of 5th Place and co-creator of ​Shape of Emotion​.

Matthew Green

Matthew loves to connect with people and inspire them to become more engaged with their feelings. He's been meditating since he was 10 years old, is a qualified aromatherapist, EFT practitioner and coach. He's studied Waldorf education, NLP and has been researching and working with human development potential for the last 29 years.

His favourite maxim is: “If you don’t know where you are how can you move to somewhere else?” Matthew facilitates and coaches people to accept where they are and what they feel so they can live happier, more fulfilled and purpose driven lives.

Matthew is the co-founder of 5th Place and co-creator of ​Shape of Emotion​.

Chantal Dawtry
Chantal Dawtry
Matthew Green
Matthew Green

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For more information on how 5th Place can facilitate enabling your how, please contact us.

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