Shape of Emotion care

Shape of Emotion care, is a training programme specifically for caregivers, counsellors and wellness practitioners.

When stress and fatigue loom, there is a place of calm and care

5th Place presents a training programme specifically for caregivers, counsellors and wellness practitioners. This one-day Shape of Emotion care workshop introduces a compelling new process to develop emotional resilience, deeper self-awareness and a sustainable personal self-care programme to find yourself again.

It is the most inspiring and mind-opening experience.
It teaches you a lot about dealing with tough situations.

This is an amazing workshop for teenagers who struggle a lot with getting to know themselves and who struggle a lot with anxiety. I feel more at ease, and less tense than I was before.

It is the best thing you can
do for yourself.

How stressed can you get?

The modern-day challenges facing teens and young adults are unprecedented. Pressures to perform in the classroom and sports field; achieve academically and relate well to peers can result in levels of anxiety and stress that impact learning ability. On top of this, factors such as divorce, financial problems, societal inequalities and challenging home environments add to already difficult situations.

Open communication with a non-judgmental adult is a vital ingredient for the prevention of anxiety and depression. Even with this adult, however, it is often difficult for teens and young adults to express how much distress they feel.

Traditional interventions often focus on thinking and understanding emotions as a way to mitigate their effect.

In support of resourcefulness

At 5th Place, we started out with a desire to create something that would support children and young people to arrive at a place of resourcefulness to learn, live and thrive. Our experience was that difficult feelings clouded and impeded the ability of children and young people to show up and engage in a way that enabled them to excel and perform at their best.

To address the impact that difficult feelings like stress and anxiety have on individuals, we’ve created a model, process and tool of how we structure, store, represent and regulate our inner feeling states. This tool and process is called Shape of Emotion. It is content-free, gentle, safe, easy to learn and use and quickly clears the effects of difficult feelings allowing for a return to a centred, resourceful state.


of teenagers have an anxiety disorder


of university students are suffering from depression and (or) anxiety


For individuals


If you, or someone you know, are experiencing difficult emotions like stress, anxiety or depression and need immediate assistance, we recommend a Shape of Emotion ease one-on-one session. In the session we will gently support you in dialling down the difficult feelings to gain the long-sought after relief.

Prevention is better than cure. A maintenance programme of regular one on one sessions is ideal to build resilience and emotional strength.

For schools, colleges and other organisations

Shape of Emotion ease is a one day workshop developed specifically for school goers and students to learn how to dial down and remove their difficult feelings. Held at the school or tertiary institution, pre- and post-tests are conducted to provide baseline data and highlight anyone at risk as well as provide insight into the impact of the Shape of Emotion tool.


Experience freedom from difficult emotions

Contact us today for gentle, drug-free and lasting relief from difficult emotions.

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