Shape of Emotion Training programmes

Want to learn more about Shape of Emotion for yourself or others? We offer a layered approach, deepening your journey into the amazing and fascinating world of feelings and emotions.


Level 1 – Foundation

At 5th Place we believe that engaging with one another from a place of love-based emotion, where we are connected to our inner feeling states, allows us to connect fully with other human beings. The more we feel connected to ourselves, the more we will connect with life, nature and the planet. This is what the world is asking for right now.

Shape of Emotion facilitates this deeper connection to ourselves. Feelings and emotions have a great deal of power and effect on our health and well-being. Stress has been dubbed the health epidemic of the 21st century by the World Health Organization. Our Level 1 Shape of Emotion Workshop teaches you how regulate your own emotions so you can turn down or let go of the difficult feelings that cause stress and thrive in today’s fast-paced, stress-filled, overwhelming world.

Experiential practice & theory

  • Gain a more complete understanding of what feelings and emotions actually are and the difference between them;
  • Get a clearer picture and a deeper understanding of how feeling states are structured, stored and represented;
    Learn about the process, model and tool called Shape of Emotion;
  • Know how to use Shape of Emotion to work with feeling states;
  • Learn to use Shape of Emotion to release and let go of difficult feelings;
  • Learn to use Shape of Emotion to embrace and enhance positive feelings and emotions.

Duration: 1 full day

Personal practice

  • Shape of Emotion practice exercises and journaling;
  • Reflective essay or presentation.

Duration: 3 weeks
Prerequisite for level 1: none

Level 2 – Apprentice

Shape of Emotion was initially developed to be used with groups of children and young people, to clear difficult feelings to allow for better learning and concentration. It has grown to be a mindfulness process for adults who wish to work with their emotions and do what we term internal massage. Level 2 offers anyone working with groups to use Shape of Emotion as part of a facilitated activity or as an Emotional Fitness Class.

At the end of level 2 participants will be able to facilitate and run Emotional Fitness Classes using Shape of Emotion and work with groups.

Emotional Fitness Classes

  • Types of Emotional Fitness classes;
  • Planning and preparing an Emotional Fitness Class;
  • Logistics of a class;
  • Running a class and collecting feedback;
  • Run a practice class.

Duration: 1 day

Personal practice

  • Emotional Fitness Class facilitator practical exam;
  • Interview.

Duration: 3 hours
Prerequisite for level 2: Level 1: Foundation

Level 3 – Artisan

Shape of Emotion is a model, tool and process that can be used when working one-on-one in either a care giving, healing, therapeutic or coaching space. It can be used for the entire session or as part of a session. In the Artisan training, participants will learn:

  • The structure of a session;
  • Big issues vs small issues;
  • Setting up a session;
  • Building rapport;
  • Creating the space for a safe session;
  • Using Shape of Emotion;
  • Holding the space;
  • What to do when your client is resistant;
  • What can go wrong.
  • Closing out a session;

Duration: 2 days

Personal practice

  • Triad work
  • Reflective practice
  • Assessment

Duration: 3 months + assessment
Prerequisite for level 3: Level 1: Foundation & Level 2: Apprentice

Level 4 – Master

After using Shape of Emotion on one’s self, teaching it in Emotional Fitness Classes or similar and doing one on one work, the practitioner can train to be a trainer. This will enable them to teach all three levels.

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