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5th Place offers an online training programme for Shape of Emotion, a model, process and tool for emotion regulation and emotional resilience. The training is aimed at coaches, counsellors, facilitators and helping professionals working with groups and one on one.

Format and duration

The online Shape of Emotion training programme is made up of 3 modules. 

Each module is broken down into three, (or more) 3 hours online sessions per training day in consideration of screen fatigue when learning online.

Online sessions take place from 10h00 to 13h00 daily - consecutively or as otherwise indicated.

Zoom is used as the online app for the training.

Module 1 - Foundation - Working with myself

Comprises 3 training days of 3 hours each

  • Introduction to 5th Place qualities, pillars and principles
  • Emotions and their impact on behaviour and health
  • Why and how we BAN (Bury, Avoid, Numb)
  • Introduction to Shape of Emotion
    • What is it?
    • Brief history
    • How does it work?
  • The design of Shape of Emotion
  • Getting into the CAB (Contracting, Action, Boundaries)
  • Shape of Emotion practice

Module 2 - Apprentice - Working with groups

Comprises 4 training days of 3 hours each

  • Working with groups - the advantages and disadvantages
  • Setting up the group process: safety, circles and considerations
  • Using Shape of Emotion for groups - who, when, why and how
  • Running an Emotional Fitness Class
  • Group practice sessions

Module 3 - Artisan - Working one on one

Comprises 4 training days of 3 hours each

  • How do I use Shape of Emotion in my practice?
    • Shape of Emotion as a tool
    • Shape of Emotion as a model
  • What to do when your client is resistant
  • The impact of childhood issues and how to work with them using Shape of Emotion
  • Understand the difference between acute and chronic feeling states as per the Shape of
  • Emotion model
  • How to work with acute feeling states
  • How to work with chronic feeling states
  • Dyad and triad practice

Pricing and dates

For more information on pricing and when the next course will be held, please take the next step and contact us.


5th Place offers a scientifically backed, new way of managing emotions.

Home / 5th Place Offerings / Shape of Emotion Online Curriculum

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