The 12 Principles of a 5th Place

1. Listen to hear

At 5th Place we have a different take on what it means to listen and why we listen. We listen to hear, not to respond or to understand.

2. At my core I am perfect

At my core I am perfect. Beautiful, complete, flawless, whole, intact, just right, great, wonderful. Perfect!

3. It’s always about me

It's always about me is about the opportunity to take responsibility for what I am feeling in the moment, without blaming, shaming, finding fault on the outside and with the other.

4. It starts with me

We have a desire to make the world a better place. How we do that starts with you. If you make your inner world a better place, you will make your outer world a better place too. It starts with me.

5. I am because I feel

Because we feel, we remember, because we remember, we have a history, because we have a history we have an identity. I am because I feel.

6. Heal the hole to make me whole

Scars from past experiences can feel like holes in the fabric of our being. By attending to these holes and clearing the feelings associated with them we become whole again. Heal the hole to make me whole.

7. Hook me to heal me

Each time we get hooked (or triggered, as it is also known) it’s an opportunity for us to look at the past experience, attend to the hurt and reveal the gift thereby healing in the process. Hook me to heal me.

8. It’s never about me

If you upset, anger, or hook (trigger) someone else and you did not mean to — it’s not about you. It’s about them. If you can stay centred and not react to their response you will be doing them a huge favour and assisting them to heal their emotional holes. It's never about me.

9. Accept and say “yes”

10. Take the step that’s in front of me

11. Offer, don’t give

12. Accept what is

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